Found Story: The Box

16 Mar


The box of bowls was purchased at Universe All in Iasi, Romania. There is no clue as to where they were made, or more important, where the box was made. There are no other languages on the box, only English. One pasted-on sticker in Romanian tells the content of the box, its weight, and that it was distributed by a company in Romania. Parenthetical directions are mine. All spelling, punctuation, capitalization and words belong to the box. Not one was changed. The mistranslation and non-English grammar were not what drew me to this box so much as the sometimes commanding/sometimes pleading voice of the writer.  Note that bad things will happen to the consumer who fails to follow instructions. They are not likely or possible but predetermined.

(Front of box)


Cooking Bowl


Cold storage

Microwave oven

“cooking is the world of discovery. After all the necessary materials gather, the taste depends on your skill only. It’s pleasure to see what dishes will appear.”



Microwave oven OK!


Suitable to contain food


The food can be frozen without using special food membrance.

(Back of box)

Cooking bowl

Heat-resisting glass product 5 pcs/Set

[the attention to operation]

glass part.

  • Please make clear if there are any crack and breach etc. In glass before using. if any, do not use. For the lass will be broken easily.
  • The glass is fragile, please be more careful when cleaning & using.
  • Do not beat & scrape the glass with hard object such as spoon etc.
  • Before cooking, please wipe the water drops off from the outside of bowl. If more water needed during heating, do not use cold water. Do not clean the bowl with wet cloth and do not put the bowl in damp place when the glass is still heated.
  • Do not be heated when nothing in bowl.
  • Neither corrodent, detergent or metal brush can be used for cleaning.
  • Avoid the bowl to be dropped from high position. Avoid the gowl to be dashed against other objects.


The bowl can only be heated through microwave oven, any other way, especially direct heated on fire is forbidden.

Lid part

  • If there is much oil in food, please take the lid off from the bowl.
  • There will be colors and smell adhered to the lid, because of some pigment and smell in food.
  • The lid must be sterilizred with boiling water.
  • Do not wash the glass with washing machine.


Do no carry the bowl only with the lid, for it will be dropped down to ground and to be broken.

Frozen storage

  • When the food is frozen in bowl, the volume will be enlarged, tension force will let the glass be broken, so please pay attention to the followings:
  • Do not freeze liquid such as extracting juice and fruit juice etc.
  • Liquid food can not be put into bowl for freezing. For rice, it can only be dumpled, then put into the bowl.
  • The liquid such as curry, Jam etc., Should be up to 80% of the bowl volume.

The attention in using in microwave oven

  • Before using, please read the instruction manual of microwave oven carefully.
  • The bowl can not be overheated & there must be something in bowl when heating.
  • After heated, do not touch the bowl with naked hand, when moving is needed, please move the whole bowl. Do not put the heated bowl on the nylon tablecloth which easily burned.
  • Do not wipe the bowl with wet cloth and do not put the bowl in damp place whenthe glass is still heating. For being sudden cold, the glass will be broken.
  • When the glass have some cracks, do not put the bowl in microwave oven, this will cause the glass to be broken and microwave oven will be destroyed.



  • Please clean glass with soft sponge & neutral cleaning agent.
  • Do not clean with nylon brush, metal brush &rough detergent etc. for the glass easily broken and scraped.

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